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$ wget -c https://damegender.davidam.com/names/inter/DAVID_all.json

Installation (GNU/Linux and MacOS tested)


  • If you want determine gender gap in free software projects or mailing lists.
  • If you don't know the gender about a name
  • If you want research with statistics about why a name is related with males or females.
  • If you want use a free gender detection tool from a name from a command with open data.
  • If you want check and use the main solutions in gender detection tools from the name (genderize, genderapi, namsor, nameapi or gender guesser) with a command.
  • If you want see the most used names in different countries
  • If you have a csv file, a mbox file, or a repository and you want to know males and females.



Industrial and Scientific Speeches

Damegender in SATTOSE

SATTOSE 2020 (Netherlands, TUE)

Phd in 3 minutes (English)

Phd in 3 minutes (URJC)

Speech about Damegender in Software Freedom Day (Spanish, 2019)

Software Freedom Day 2019 (URJC)

Damegender in Python Barcelona

PyBCN 2019

TV URJC in 2020



Damegender desde los comandos

Damegender desde los comandos (spanish) (1:07:53)

Instalación de Damegender

Instalación de Damegender (spanish) (3:56)

Damegender Installation

Damegender Installation (english) (5:07)

damegender main command
damegender main command (2:16)
api2gender command
api2gender (1:27)
csv2gender command
csv2gender (00:38)
git2gender command
git2gender (2:07)
mail2gender command
mail2gender (00:36)
nameincountries command
nameincountries (0:07)
surnameincountries command
surnameincountries (00:06)
more counts about Damegender
More counts with Damegender (01:29)
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Statistics about Gender and Names

The first step is to understand that exists a problem ... Later, you must solve it, as an high priority project